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Bee Alive (Ozone)-$200
Don’t Bee Blue (Methylene Blue) $175-$250 

Methylene Blue is a nootropic that is anti-aging, anti-microbial, anti-viral, enhances mood, memory and boosts energy. Methylene Blue also helps with chronic pain, Lyme disease, and neurological disorders. 

The Basic Bee (nutrient therapy) $155

This classic infusion with a mix of B vitamins and vitamin C is great for hangovers, stress fatigue and muscle pain. 

Bee Harder to Kill (high dose Vitamin C) $165-$220

10-100g of Vitamin C, based on your needs. Helps with illness prevention.

The Vitamin Bee (energy & detox) $155

A mix of vitamin C, zinc, glutathione and B vitamins which aids in the elimination of toxins and boosts energy. 

The Pollinator (libido) $155

This blend of arginine, carnitine, vitamin C, B vitamins and MIC will boost energy and improve blood flow.

Let It Bee (Fibromyalgia/pain) $165

Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium chloride and B vitamins helps with aching bones, stiffness, headaches and numbness.

Bee Happy (better mood/depression) $165

A blend of magnesium, vitamin C and B vitamins to provide energy, boost immunity and relaxation.

The Bee’s Knees (a little something for everyone) $220

This infusion made with glutathione, amino blend, magnesium, calcium chloride, arginine, lysine, vitamin C and B vitamins, loads the body nutrients and helps with energy, immunity, detox, inflammation and cellular protection. 

The Queen Bee (women’s monthly) $150

A mix of calcium chloride, amino blend, magnesium, and B vitamins helps with cramping, detox and energy.

The Busy Bee (immunity) $155

Zinc, lysine, glutathione, selenium, vitamin C and B vitamins which aids in detox, immunity, energy and has anti-viral properties. 

The Worker Bee (performance and recovery) $155

This infusion has amino blend, mineral blend, vitamin C and B vitamins prevents muscle breakdown, aids in muscle building and recovery. 

Bee Energized (energy and hydration) $155

Mineral blend, vitamin C and B vitamins helps with energy and cognitive function. 

Bee-utiful (hair, skin, nails) $165

Biotin, glutathione, CoQ10, vitamin C and B vitamins helps with hair loss, cellular function, stronger hair and nails.

Bee Smart (brain function) $250 for 250mLs (ALLOW 2.5 HOURS

$425 for 500mLs (ALLOW 4.5 HOURS)

This infusion is made with NAD which occurs naturally in the body. NAD plays a major role in the chemical process of generating energy and is an important co-factor in improving mitochondrial function. Great for individuals who have had Covid, this infusion helps with mental clarity, memory and alertness. 

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