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Tiffany Smith

Tiffany Smith

Certified Nutrition Coach

As a certified nutritionist, health and wellness coach, Tiffany Smith is passionate about helping people reach their personal goals in developing healthy lifestyles. Knowing that the health journey is different for each person, she listens to each client and creates an individualized holistic plan of action in nutrition, exercise and healthy life habits. If requested, she can help with grocery lists, meal planning and time management. She also serves to mentor, inspire, and motivate clients, helping to keep them accountable to their goals and implement positive choices. Tiffany has worked with people of all ages to lose weight and develop healthy lifestyles.

Tiffany’s personal health and wellness journey began in 2012 when her son was diagnosed with chronic illnesses, including sensory integration disorder, recurring ear infections, and multiple food allergies. This prompted her learning about the power of food to help heal and restore the body toward a state of wholeness. She discovered pillars of health that contributed to her son overcoming his illnesses and start thriving.

Applying the principles she learned on this journey empowered her to successfully alter her own course. Exchanging a history of yo-yo dieting, struggles with eating disorders and a dysfunctional relationship with exercise, she formed habits that helped her find peace and a rhythm with food and exercise. She has achieved and maintained weight loss of over 60 lbs of postpartum weight.

Tiffany lives in Corinth, TX with her husband, Aaron, and their three great kids. She enjoys family hikes, reading and good coffee.